Sunday, May 6, 2012

Read Much?

The Big Read
So, the BBC has a list of the
Most-Popular-Must-Read-Books, evah.
It was published a couple years ago,
but I just came across it recently.

They state that the average person has read
fewer than 6 of the books on their list.
As an avid reader and to challenge myself
I’ve taken up the gauntlet.

100 books to finish reading by the time I turn 40.
That’s give or take 2 years!
Luckily, I was able to knock quite a few off
right away thanks to my high school literature classes.
So that leaves me about 70 to go!

In the spirit of being an eco-friendly gal,
I discovered that I can download for free
most of the books from the public library
to my android or my kindle.
Pretty stinking cool!

Stayed tuned as I review each of my conquests!!
Go HERE to see The Big Read list and join me!

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