Thursday, December 30, 2010

People are Getting It!

So nice to see in our community that people do care!
I loved watching my oldest separate all the paper &
cardboard that could be recycled from Christmas gifts .
 I didn't even have to tell her or remind her!
Wrapping and packaging from each relative's house
we visited was repacked out and stowed in the car.
Then we made the trip out to the recycling center
and saw a container full of more wrapping paper!
Thanks community for remembering to be good recyclers!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Save a Stray and Share your Love!

We rescued a puppy 2 weeks ago, who ended up being really sick and after having her only 3 days had to put her to sleep. I had my 3 yr old with me and it was a heartbreaking and learning experience. Morgi was a trooper and we sent Luna to heaven with a hug and a kiss good-bye. We snuggled at home and I fielded all sorts of questions. We decided that she was a lucky dog, because for 3 days she was loved and adored.

Undeterred, we headed back to the rescue for her littermate. Affectionately known as Peppermint, aka Pepper, she is spunky & wild and in very good health. The girls miss Luna, but love that we were able to save 2 dogs, even if one was for a fleeting moment.
Pepper is a boston terrier mix and she looooves her new brother Timbo!
If you're thinking about getting a pet this holiday season (or any season in general) consider adopting one from a rescue. What better way to share your love? It keeps the pet population down, you aren't promoting puppy mills or buying from pet stores and you get to save an animal from an uncertain future. Woof!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Greening up the Gingerbread House

We thought this was so cute! Happy Holidays!